Class Descriptions

Sansea Sparling teaches Nosara Yoga, a gentle hatha flow, as well as Yin Yoga, a deeply relaxing practice in which we focus on  joint flexibility. Poses are taught with emphasis on breath, anatomical alignment, humor and respect for the body. Classes include vinyasa flow, breath practice, the refinement of specific poses and hands-on assists--all set to world music.


Sansea's classes are gentle, slow--this gives you a chance to breathe fully and stretch deeply, as you build strength, stamina and poise. Long warming sequences set the foundations in breath and alignment; we move in a measured pace, each individual modifies the practice individually according to flexibility and age.  Wear loose, layered clothing without zippers or buttons; we practice barefoot.


Take time to develop a pose. This class is appropriate for those who might be recovering from an injury, or who are beginners. First, a short meditation, then flow into classic postures; we finish in a quiet relaxation pose.


Yin Yoga classes take place on the floor and involve using lots of props. Muscles relax, as joints are rejuvenated by holding poses for a while, breathing fully. Watchwords are compassion and acceptance. Non-striving allows us to fold or extend into a pose, as each person defines the shape and extent of the pose, deepening hip and low back mobility. Gravity is our most important prop.

Ongoing Yin Yoga classes at Open Sky Studio: Mondays Noon-1:30


Contact Sansea at 989-4054 for more information  ssparling@gmavt.net

Rates: $65 -private  $85 -Pranassage

Nosara and Yin Yoga

Sansea Sparling


Deborah Felmeth

Yoga class with Deborah – from a student


Dear Deborah,


What I have found in your yoga class that I was missing in others I have taken, is a wonderful blend of challenging physical yoga intertwined with a deep sense of spiritual practice.  I appreciate that you always guide us through a plentiful meditation and chanting.  Most other classes I have taken are simply too short (mostly 1hr) to allow for meditation and a substantial shavasana (sp?) at the end.  Having time for these aspects of yoga simply deepens the experience and gives it fullness.  


I also appreciate your deep knowledge of the physical body which you share always.  It adds much learning to the experience.  


You have an incredibly personal style of teaching leading us to things like kissing the air, singing along with the music, or whatever.  And the music!  I have always associated the music in yoga classes as the sort of ambiant music you hear when you have a massage.  I would not have thought I would enjoy the kind of variety you play in a yoga class.  It encourages one to stay very active in the practice.


Well, dear I am happy to share my thoughts on your teaching. You are a wonderful teacher!!  I feel blessed to have found you for this practice.




Kundalini yoga and meditation are incredibly effective tools for your physical, emotional & spiritual evolution!


Kundalini  is taught in 'kriya' form - a set of exercises utilizing specific movements, breath, mantra, posture and focus that are designed to bring about a specific transformation of body/mind/spirit. It improves energy and syncronicity in the body's systems and effectively trains the mind to work FOR your happiness & full potential.


This  Kundalini Yoga class will nurture your body and soul while creating a balanced and peaceful mind. The practice will bring you into the actual experience of your True and Infinite Self, creating lightness of heart & mental clarity, empowering your personal path, and expanding the light you shine on your world.


This is an experience you don't want to miss!


Mondays 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Wednesdays 9:30 - 11 am              $15/class - first class is FREE


Contact me: 857-212-9685          |          SatMomT4T@gmail.com          |          SATMOMT4T ON FACEBOOK

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Callie Pegues / Jag Jiwan Kaur

Tai Chi Chuan & Visual Art

Nancy McClaran

Tai Chi Chuan Classes:


“The goal of Tai Chi Chuan is not to demonstrate strength, power or violence.  

The goal is to attain serenity, tranquility and the discovery of oneself.  It is truly an exercise of the spirit.”  

- Master Tung Kai Ying


Monday Evenings:   6:00 - 7:30 pm Tai Chi Chuan  

                                7:45 - 8:45 pm Tai Chi Chuan Advanced Class

Thursday Mornings: 8:30 – 10:00 am Tai Chi Chuan


Cost:   $20/class or

       $60/month for 1 class/week

   $90/month for 2 classes/week


No experience necessary / Private classes available



Visual Art Class:

The Creative Process Through Visual Art


In each of us is a space where creative energy flows.  While open and moving it is pure consciousness.  It arrives unattached with no expectation, no judgment and no future.  It just is.  As we notice our process, we begin to alter its flow. As logic, reason and judgment show up, the opening slowly closes.  


In this class, we make art while attempting to keep the door open as long as possible. It can be meditative as well as exciting. The work usually releases something and when there is release, new growth and possibilities follow. This artistic practice allows the creative flow to clear space within while setting up a blank slate for whatever might be next.


Usually we go through a few guided exercises using different art materials and watch what our subconscious delivers. Then we go deeper and create more.  At the end, we write and discuss what we notice.


There is no preparation. One is asked to come with nothing but an open mind and heart. We humans innately know what to do in most situations.  The more we clear our minds, the more we can hear ourselves.


Class is usually the first Friday of the month 5:30 – 9:30 p.m.*

Cost: $30/student


*We sometimes alter the class date to accommodate schedules so it is best to let Nancy know that you are interested ahead of time so you can be included in our group emails.


To register, contact Nancy McClaran:  

802.343.0242          |          elderhill@gmavt.net


Kirtan & Sacred Sound Practices

Heidi Champney


These simple, delightful Sacred Sound Practices cultivate the listening ear, the sensing body, and a free, flexible, and expressive voice.  


Through these practices, we access the power of the singing voice and find an oasis of inner calm amidst the chaos of a shifting world. We engage with the sound current to energize prayerful intention for healing and wellbeing for ourselves, our loved ones, our adversaries, our communities, and our world.    


Each session includes three types of practice: vocal attunement (a guided meditation using the voice), chanting (chants are from many countries and peoples, and all are taught), and sound immersion (bathing in the uplifting sounds of crystal bowl, didjeridoo, tamboura, bells, rattles, and voice).  No experience necessary, all voices warmly welcomed!  Your singing voice is your birthright!  


“For anyone who babbled as a baby, sang as a child, imitated bark, growl, meow or caw and for everyone who speaks, these practices are likely to fill you with gladness and a sense of joy, kind of like bathing in a waterfall.”  --Deborah Felmeth  


“An amazingly healing experience, both in my ability to project a strong singing vibration and in my own ability to heal my body and mind from trauma.  It opened up new doors for me, my voice, and the healing vibration of our world.”  –Callie Pegues  



If you haven't experienced Kirtan yet, come check it out. Kirtan is a meditation in the form of ecstatic chant. Like any meditation, the purpose is to let go of the chattering mind and enter into simple presence in the moment. The intention is to sing from our hearts as an offering to the Holy as embodied by the Hindu gods and goddesses with their colorful stories. The lyrics of praise are in Sanskrit, and the call- and-response format makes participation easily accessible. The sacred vibrations carry us to a state of bliss.


Come ready to participate! Singing, clapping, dancing, meditating, doing yoga, lying down and taking it in, are all wonderful ways of participating.  Kirtan is traditionally offered on a donation basis.  There is an age-old practice in India called dakshina.  It is a practice of making an offering for spiritual guidance received.  Energetically, when you give an offering, it opens the door to receiving in equal measure.  People contribute at whatever level fits their budget, with the understanding that the spirit or intention of generosity is what opens that door.


Rachel Edwards has been studying and practicing Yang style Tai Chi Chuan for nearly 15 years and more recently integrating qigong forms and meditation into her teaching.  Though she first studied Tai Chi and other martial arts forms in graduate school, she fully embraced the practice of Tai Chi Chuan under the tutelage of Christopher Kiely and Master Tung Kaiying in 2004, and is an instructor with the Falling Water School of Tai Chi Chuan.  


Rachel is a practitioner of East Asian medicine including acupuncture, herbal and dietary therapy and bodywork and offers lectures and workshops at Open Sky Studio.  


She is the founder of The Hawthorn Center (located next door to Open Sky Studio)  - the  location of her clinical practice.  The Hawthorn Center is also a downtown herbal apothecary and sponsors continuing education in plant medicine and self-cultivation practices.


Tai Chi Chuan classes:

Tuesday morning 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.

$20/class or $60/month


Tai Chi Chuan Slow Set Practice:

Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.


To learn more about Rachel's practice and perspectives you can visit  hawthorncentervt.org or contact her:

802-355-9306          |          allisone@gmavt.net

Tai Chi Chuan

Rachel Edwards

Push with Rock and River Dotty drawing nancy-Tai Chi 2

Mountain River Sangha is a non-denominational open community of practitioners of all experience levels.  We offer programs that support Buddhist and secular mindfulness practice.  Beginners are welcome.


Our weekly Sunday program includes meditation and exploration of the Buddhist and secular mindfulness teachings (the dharma) through rotating activities including dharma talks, topic-driven small group explorations, and extended sitting and walking meditation sessions.  In addition to the Sunday program, we offer and support the development of other programs and special events, including a weekly combined Tai Chi-Qigong and sitting meditation session.  


Our programs are donation based and are peer led with occasional guest speakers.


See “class schedule” for program times and dates.  For more information, contact: mountainriversanghavt@gmail.com

Mountain River Sangha

Mountain River Sangha: Peer Led & Occasional Guest Speakers

budha Sansea