Sansea Sparling ~

Yin Yoga, Nosara Yoga, Pranassage, Egosque

Sansea Sparling's 200-Hour and 500-Hour teaching certifications are from Nosara Yoga Institute, after many years of practice with Deborah Felmeth. Using breath awareness and profound respect for the wonders of human anatomy, Sansea's classes allow each participant to choose modifications and vary the degree of intensity. Sansea employs poetry, color and nature images, especially as they relate to the Chakras. Sansea also was certified in Pranassage by Don and Amba at Nosara.  In a Pranassage, the client  lies relaxed, passive, while the limbs are arranged into simple yoga postures; applied pressure, as one prefers, allows joints to become more flexible with greater mobility.


Contact Sansea at 989-4054 or ssparling@gmavt.net for more information


I attended my first yoga class in 1975 and loved it, yet the practice did not become truly important to me until I moved to the Middle East in 1991. Then it saved my life, centered me, gave me strength and calm in the face of confusion and overwhelm. I completed my first 200 hour training in 1996 with Don & Amba Stapleton in order to be able to take the practice as a teacher to Damascus, Syria where there weren't any yoga teachers. I still happily teach there 6 months of each year. The other six months I am here teaching in beloved Vermont.


Teaching and living are both eclectic arts as far as I am concerned. My background includes some study of Mind Body Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge, a 200 hour training with Donna Farhi, and workshops with some truly great teachers such as Erich Schiffman, Rod Stryker and Angela Farmer. Grounded in love for the divine I seek to incorporate my deep love of nature, my profound respect for the individual paths which each and every student travels and my sense of wonder at the intricacy of the physical body into classes for every one who is interested in balance, in love, in wholeness and in light heartedness. Sometimes it works!*


For The Sake of God is a class based each week on one of the 99 names of God as spoken in Arabic! The 99 names, or the Most Beautiful Names as they are called, are qualities and attributes of the divine. Using them as foundations for practice gives a framework for meditation which underlies asana and pranayama and becomes part of the Samkalpa or intention for that practice, that day, that week, that strand in the weaving of life.



Deborah Felmeth ~ Yoga



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Rachel Edwards ~ Tai Chi Chuan

Rachel Edwards has been studying and practicing Yang style Tai Chi Chuan for nearly 15 years.  Though she first studied Tai Chi and other martial arts forms in graduate school, she fully embraced the practice of Tai Chi Chuan under the tutelage of Christopher Kiely and Master Tung Kaiying in 2004, and she is an instructor with the Falling Water School of Tai Chi Chuan (www.fallingwatertaichi.com).  



Rachel is a practitioner of East Asian medicine including acupuncture, herbal and dietary therapy and bodywork and offers lectures and workshops at Open Sky Studio.  


To learn more about Rachel's practice and perspectives please visit  www.hawthorncentervt.org


802-355-9306         |          allisone@gmavt.net

Heidi Champney ~

Sacred Sound Practices & Kirtan

Heidi Champney is a lifelong musician and singer with a passion for helping people connect with the innate powers that can be accessed through the singing voice: self-expression, self-awareness, manifestation of intentions, moving and clearing emotions, and access to higher levels of consciousness.  


Her roots in the Quaker faith cultivated an early awareness of the sacred seed in all beings.  Her work is informed by the conviction that as we heal ourselves, that healing radiates out into the world as well.  Heidi holds a BA in physics from Oberlin College, where she also studied violin, music theory, and music history.  


Her recent studies in sound healing with Zacciah Blackburn, music improvisation with David Darling, yoga with Deborah Felmeth, and voice with both Deborah Felmeth and Susan Borg have uniquely positioned her for this work.  She is also a certified practitioner of Eileen McKusick’s Biofield Tuning method, and an avid practitioner and leader of Kirtan chant.


Heidi Champney: 453-2916     /     heidisacredsound@gmail.com



Nancy McClaran ~

Tai Chi Chuan & Visual Arts

Nancy McClaran has been studying Tai Chi Chuan with Christopher Kiely and Master Tung Kai Ying since 2002.  Her Tai Chi work at Open Sky Studio directly reflects and is indebted to her teachers.  


Nancy’s fine art career goes back more than thirty years.  She earned a BS in Intaglio Printmaking from Frostburg University, completed masters’ courses at The Museum School in Boston and has a Post-Baccalaureate Art Education Degree from The University of Vermont. She is the currently the art teacher at The Lincoln Community School.


Nancy is committed to her family and her community.  Her creativity shows itself through her work with children and adults, her parenting, her practice of Tai Chi Chuan and through her own dedication to the arts.  



Nancy McClaran         |          802.343.0242         |          elderhill@gmavt.net

yin yang

Callie Pegues ~ Jag Jiwan Kaur

Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Natural Healing


SAT NAM! I am a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, gemstone healer and creator of sacred space.


Kundalini combines many forms of yoga, creating a  specific and powerful science of personal healing and elevation - accessible to all people ~ for the experience of our highest consciousness. Kundalini yoga is kriya-based, each kriya or set of posture, breath, mantra combinations is masterfully created to bring you to a certain space of body/mind.


As a Reiki Master & Natural Healer, practicing since 2004, I utilize gmstones,  food choices and meditation for deep healing and transformation. I offer healing sessions for humans and dogs and practitioner attunements from 1st degree to Master level.


I am also available for Reiki sessions, 1-on-1 yoga and space clearing within your home or office.


Contact me for details or to schedule!


satmomt4t@gmail.com         |          857-212-9685

SatNam Push with Rock and River Push with Rock and River nancy-Tai Chi 2

Founded in 2014, Mountain River Sangha is a non-denominational open community of practitioners of all experience levels.  We offer programs that support Buddhist and secular mindfulness practice.  Beginners are welcome.  


Our programs are peer led with occasional guest speakers drawn from the Sangha and the community.  Sangha participants have a range of knowledge, skills, and experience.Participants are involved in the functioning of the Sangha at all levels, including facilitating, hosting, and program development.  Our guest speakers bring expertise drawn from various traditions

Mountain River Sangha ~

Meditation & Exploration of the Dharma