A Main Street, Bristol venue, Open Sky Studio is a spacious upstairs studio collaborative with large windows ~ giving you a wonderful view of the sky and the mountain. In this sacred space, modern ceiling fans play nicely with old fashioned tin patterned ceilings and walls, warm lighting and vibrant plants. Natural light in the studio shifts and modulates as a day progresses. The calm aesthetic and healthy energy within the studio lend themselves to activities that promote well-being. And there is plenty of free parking.


Open Sky Studio is for rent by the hour, or day or weekend:


$10 per hour for the first 10 hours (with a two-hour minimum)

$8 per hour for all additional hours after the first 10 hours.


Open Sky Studio is open to newcomers, new ideas, and new ventures.

We host regularly scheduled classes, and one-of-a- kind events.


Contact Sansea for more information and scheduling.

Rental Rates & Information